Friday, June 11, 2010

"Sometimes the difference between a situation going terribly wrong or ending on a positive note is one's ability to outsmart his opponent. If twenty years as a law enforcement officer taught me anything about personal survival it is to think in advance of what might happen if faced with any kind of potentially dangerous confrontation.

For example, anticipate ahead of time what the other guy might do, watch for warning signals that he might not be what he pretends to be, or trusting him to do what I think he might, or allowing him to get even one move ahead of me, knowing that gives him the advantage.

Or, do I have a sure escape route if that's my best option.

Life can be a chess game where instead of finding yourself in simple checkmate, or in some stand-off where nobody wins, one might learn that the game is really over, and that someone dies instead of simply having been outsmarted."

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