Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hi Rick!

Pre holidays and the holidays are behind us; so I wanted to take this chance
to write you and let you know how very much I enjoyed your book, "Life is a
Jukebox." There are so many many things that brought your book to life.....
you have a unique way of descriptive writing that makes the reader feel as
though they are right there experiencing a certain particular moment.

Where do I begin........which chapters were my favorites? For me your
chapter entitled "Fever" undoubtedly was my personal favorite. Only
because I was Mrs. JD and both myself and our sons experienced
living so many of those unforgettable radio stories both on the air and private.
For Christmas one of the boys gave me the DVD, WKRP in Cincinnati's first
complete season. Believe me, Rick, this DVD is the way radio was.

Your "By The Time I Got To Woodstock".... Rick, I was there right beside
you.....feeling every emotion you shared with your readers. Your readers
could not help but feel your excitement............your frustration....and yes
your humor in dragging your wet, muddy, skinny ass back to Columbus.

I'll share this story of "Detroit City" with you as I know you'll laugh picturing
Jim on his frantic getting started late headed for Detroit to get his Third
Class License. Were any disc jockeys ever on time going anywhere?
LOL He was barrelling a_ _ northward and at a crossroads in the
middle of nowhere......... a farmer pulled out driving a truck loaded with
chickens. Being behind schedule and having to get that license there
was no way he was going to slow down or stop. He swerved and went
behind the chicken truck thus going through someone's front yard and
not missing a beat was again northward bound. Looking in his rear view
mirror, he saw chickens flying everywhere. And yes, he did get his license
that day. Good thing you weren't patrolling that area!!

I could go on and on about your writing. When an author's writing is more
than words written on a page..... and he is able to transport you into his
work and you're "right there" feeling what he is portraying......what more
can I say.

Looking forward to reading your next book.

Your friend,

(As I typed your friend, I sincerely hope that I am a friend you can
include on one hand.)

Mary Ellen

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  1. Mary is Mrs. Jim Davis, one of the most talented and colorful radio announcers I ever worked with. I wrote about Jim in "Life is a Jukebox", and his story is repeated in my upcoming release "Deputy in Disguise."

    Thanks Mary!