Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Will Follow Him

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Shown in this 1970s news clipping is a young, good looking Bob Conners. (Not the color photo insert, that's his producer today, Kevin Minerd-my clone)
Aside from a brief detour from WTVN to WBNS Bob has been the voice of 610 WTVN Radio since the mid 1960s. To this day he remains the #1 radio announcer in Columbus.
Nothing short of amazing.
When Bob returned to WTVN there were several news articles in various local publications as well as tons of promotional ads bought by the station announcing the big news. One particular announcer at the station at the time thought he was bigger than Conners and even bigger perhaps than WTVN who wasn't as thrilled as everyone else that Bob had come home. John Fraim was the station's morning man at the time and remarked something like "I guess I'll have to leave and come back before I get any press." John wasn't exactly thrilled that Bob was getting all of the attention. One WTVN staffer remarked back to him, "If you leave they won't take you back."
Fraim did eventually leave the station and wound up at WCOL where he was pampered....even given his own personal studio located at the top of the LeVech Tower several blocks away from the WCOL studios on Broad Street.. where he greeted his listeners each day with "Top of the morning from the top of the city"
Bob was moved to the morning show on WTVN and consistently smoked Fraim in the radio ratings.
In my new book "Deputy in Disguise"look for my story titled "Only the strong survive" for a tribute to BC, still the "Morning Monarch" of Columbus radio.
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(BCs producer has also changed a little since that photo was taken, he's taller now.)

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