Monday, April 4, 2011

Ghost stories

This room was known as the Death House in the old Ohio Penitentiary. Note the platform where the electric chair once sat, and where 315 people died between 1897 and 1963.

That's me in the center of this photo during filming for a segment for the long-running television program "America's Most Wanted" back in 1991.

The story behind that episode in my life is published in my book "Deputy in Disguise" and is just one of many personal experiences that are shared there. This blog, and for that matter most of my work is a collection of stories that I hope readers will find familiarity with. The title of this entry has a glimpse of realism to me because many of the people I write about have long passed from this life and have left people like myself behind to miss them and to celebrate all I have learned from them.

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