Saturday, March 19, 2011

The new face of South Columbus

Just a police sketch of another wanted man is shown here, but this is only one of hundreds that are drawn every year based on the information provided to police by crime victims. This guy doesn't look that bad compared to many I have had taped to the dashboard of my police car through the years.
Last year I wrote and published my fourth book "Are those my Footprints?" A book that I spent a year putting together by just hanging out in neighborhoods close to my own home in South Columbus.
And like much of my work it is a collection of stories that reflect on the past, but this time it is a weld of what used to be good... to where we are now in some of these communities.
Welding what is ugly and dangerous now to what was beautiful and more innnocent not so long ago. I have stood the people who now call my block their home beside many who have since moved away or passed away and shown the differences in how we now have to navigate among one another and how it was before we gave up on each other as neighbors.
The south end of Columbus is still a pretty great place, but there is some trash to step over and plenty of reasons to keep one eye on your surroundings, and if you look close enough you can still see the images of what made this area what I have always regarded as the heart of the city. And sometimes when I look I swear I can still see the footprints of the people who are long gone as well as the shadows of those who have taken their place. It is those shadows and how they got here that inspired me to write this book.
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