Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your images, my lens

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As the author of four books, and having worked in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff, city policeman and chief of police I have focused my camera lens on some rather interesting photo opportunities through the years. My photos range from the very beautiful as shown here, to some of the ugliest images anyone can imagine. From rotting and dismembered human remains to landscapes and everyday people. Some of them going through everyday normal routines and some barely survivng on the streets. Many of those images are shown in my latest book, "Are those my Footprints?" which can be found at Barnes & Noble and along with my previous works that are shown in this blog. Like everything else in life I have done I take my work seriously and as a photographer I think my work speaks for itself. And now that I am retired and answer to no one I am on nobody's schedule but my own. I can take the pictures, you tell me of what and where and I'm sure you won't be disappointed! I can be reached here or at

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