Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My latest book “Are those my Footprints” is now available in ereader at Barnes & Noble; search nookbooks. It is also available from amazon.com in Kindle form and for download to your pc, iPad, iPhone and other eReader devices. It is a compelling documentary told in short stories of what happens when cultures are forced to clash and how American neighborhoods are destroyed by poor political actions.Written the only way I know how, in the raw street talk that is used every day by the muggers, thugs and thieves who inundated the area I live in and who have taught me the importance of knowing how to speak to them. I have called it the priciest ghetto in town. I am surrounded by million dollar homes and the burned out and boarded up shells of abandoned properties left to rot. My neighbors are doctors, lawyers, teachers and cops, as well as rapists, killers and homeless people. Get the idea? If not, contact me at imjustrick@aol.com for more information.

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