Saturday, October 16, 2010

No place for Sissies

In my latest book "Are those my Footprints? I will show in pictures and in raw dialogue why the Southside of Columbus is still the greatest place on earth to me. Why in spite of the many challenges that may await someone around any corner on any block it is not yet an area of town ready to surrender to the muggers, thugs and thieves that too often grab the headlines. The South end is still mine. I own it and I won't give up on it until I stop breathing on my own or until someone else outmaneuvers my ability to stay one step ahead of them and leave them wondering "Who does this old man think he is? Like I said, I am their landlord. From Broad Street to Groveport Pike I own everything east of Parsons Avenue. At least that is how I see it. The deeds to various parcels of land and the building they rest on might be in the names of others, but I was here long before most of them and I will walk these bricks with the cockiness of a stingy land baron. Surrendering nothing to anyone, giving them nothing that is dear to me and explaining it all to them in terms that they understand. I have written this book out of love and anger and is is now available as an ereader at Barnes & Noble. Search "Are those my Footprints?"

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