Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rick..Finished reading the book...very good...brought back memories of my own past with management and their views of me...roller coaster happy moments and sad stuff great job..look forward to more !! Sue Tomczyk-Oak Creek Wisconsin.
"Deputy in Disguise" available at, also at and documents my travels from growing up on the Southside of Columbus and how I believe that led me into the colorful world of broadcasting, and how that landed me on the right side of the law,
first as a Franklin County Deputy Sheriff, and then as a city patrolman in a politically rough town.
Those experiences ultimately led to my appointment as Chief of Police where I had command of some pretty unsavory and sometimes incompetent police officers. A few who could have been poster children for a movie about bad cops. Still, it was a department that employed many police officers who were doing the job for the right reasons. "Deputy in Disguise" shows the contrasts between good cops and not so good cops, but is also a continuing story that begins in the 1960s and concludes half-way through the first decade of the twenty-first century.
Stories of rape, murder, kidnapping, horrific crashes and crooked politicians follow stories of my travels through Columbus' top radio stations. First as a DJ and later as a talk-show host.
Put together, it is my memoirs, and answers a question I have been asked for years, "How does one go from radio DJ to Chief of Police?" In short, the book is my resume.


  1. thanks for giving those who don't have the hope the hope and strength now to try and see the light and get from under the dark tunnel May those who read it grow and tell there stories and give others hope that they to can survive and help others as they have been helped.

  2. Thank you Donna. If I can help just one...the credit goes to those who have suffered before them, and cared enough to share their stories.