Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After winding down my law enforcement career I took some time to reflect on how I got there, and I decided to share some of my brighter moments, as well as some that were rather dim. All in all, I think my new book "Deputy in Disguise" offers the reader a close and personal look at what has been a pretty good run for me through radio stations and police stations. It is one of two books I have recently published and can be viewed on my website
The other, "Honey, I promise!" is the true life story of Lillian Greenberg, who grew up in Cleveland Ohio and moved from one foster home to another, before marrying into an abusive family, then leading a life of not only abuse, but more neglect and other struggles as a wife and young mother.
Her story begins in 1925 and ends in 1997.
I would be happy to discuss either project, as well as what I have planned for the future. A return to dealing with bad guys, or perhaps another behind the microphone adventure?
I can be contacted at .
Be well, and stay safe. Rick.

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