Sunday, January 31, 2010

96 Tears

A few reveiews......

Linda Fauris Parker Rivelli- Columbus, Ohio

I just finished reading the book, "Honey, I Promise" authored by Rick Minerd. Yes, I did cry this morning when I was talking to my husband about the book. Rick, I take my hat off to you for writing such a great book and letting us know your Mom in such depth. What a life. Oprah, you need to put this... book out there. It is very, very touching. Kudos to you Richard!

Thank you Linda!

Jackie Bass, West Monroe La.

Finished "Honey I Promise"! Actually read it Friday, the whole thing. Truly enjoyed it. The reason why women keep going back to those relationships is a mystery to most people, even the ones who do it. I know I question myself sometimes and wonder "Why do you ever go back, you knew he was telling you a lie?" But you are in love and sooo want to believe things will change. Some of us get lucky and finally leave or get away, so many women never do. It's the sad truth.I am going to start Deputy in Disguise, today.Have a great day, MR. Rick!!

From Tonda, Osteen, Florida-

I received "Honey, I Promise" late yesterday and just read the last page. I must say it connected to every possible emotion I have. I went from extreme anger to thank God. Hats off to you...what a story and written wonderfully! Seriously, you were very blessed to have your Dad. I wish I could have known a childhood like yours. You were fortunate to still be so small when things changed for your Mom....but I'm sure you know that. You really do have a lot of great memories living in your folks house and carrying out your Moms wishes.

Thank you Tonda, you are very kind!

From Elaine McAffe-Morgantown, Pa.

Dear Mr. Minerd, I am sending this email to tell you that I wept with your mother. I did not know her of course, but from 1949 until 1954 I was married to the meanest man I ever knew, and like your mother I believed that he too would one day change. If I had a dollar for every time that man called me "honey" while promising to try to be better I would be a rich woman.
So even though we lived hundreds of miles apart and never laid eyes on one another, we cried "together" over being lied to, being slapped around and constantly humiliated. You are a brave son Mr. Rick Minerd for sharing all you have, and God bless your mother's soul for raising a pretty good son. I never had the opportunity, but I thank God for that, mine would have been the worst father alive if we had kids. Thank you for the stories.

P.s. Your mother's words brought back so many memories, including a few good ones. I could relate to every thing she wrote, and I too worked in some strange places during the war for nearly no money. But aside from my personal circumstances, it was an exciting time!

Thank you for writing Elaine. Your words are very heartfelt.

From Kelly Thornton, Columbus-

I finally got to sit with no interuptions and finish Honey I promise! You are so talented! I must say though some parts were pretty tough to swallow, deatils that she had left out were not to hard to figure out what she had to endure.

Thanks Kelly!

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