Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Long And Winding Road

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Chief of Police Francis "Bo" Smith who hired me in the Obetz Police Department after I left the Franklin County Sheriff's Department. (Deceased) Chief Smith had been a cop for decades, including several with the Columbus division of Police where he served for a number of years with the rank of Deputy Chief. A cigar smoking, old school tough cop who was as fair with his subordinates as he was all business when necessary. In 1984 while I was still working for Sheriff Earl O. Smith "Bo" was his opponent in the sheriff's election. Smith vs. Smith. When I applied for a commission with Obetz in 1995 I worried that the chief would harbour animosities against me for working hard to defeat him and keep Earl Smith in office. In my interview with him I asked that very question and the chief responded by saying, "I wouldn't want you if you weren't loyal to the man you worked for." He told me that if he hired me he expected the same. He did get that from me and he and I enjoyed a wonderful relationship for years, including those following his retirement. In 2003 when he learned that I had been appointed Chief of Police there he called to congratulate me, and when he addressed me as "Chief" and offered his confidence in me that I would do well in his former position I knew that no one else could have made me feel taller. The following series of photographs are of some of the officers that I worked with and some who became subjects in my book "Deputy in Disguise" a collection of stories from personal diaries that I kept while working as a cop, and as a broadcaster in Columbus radio. The book is available at book sellers worldwide. Including, Tower Books, Borders and Barnes & Noble.

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