Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Shot The Sheriff

"Deputy in Disguise" Now available on Barnes & Noble and
"I really didn't shoot him, I loved the guy, but there were some who wanted to. Former Franklin County Sheriff Earl O. Smith was probably the best cop in the history of Franklin County. I'll tell you why.

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  1. You know, with me I heard that song pretty much in prison. Him trying to put me in a mental institution. Me taking his gun, trying to take him hostage to get to prison instead. I partly succeeded, but not with the hostage taking part. While he was taking his gun back, I shot him from my back in his hip.

    I got 42 months, did 28, and am now out but "under surveillance" of one type or other for the 210th month.

    OBVIOUSLY, I have other interests than my own story, like this here:

    On Spirographs and Standard Candles - Cosmic Markers for Mark Shea [plus, so far, two more I link to in it]